History of London Course

Tuesday 17th January, 6:45pm Book now
Picture of Historic London - Canaletto

New! Discover how London cracked out of its medieval shell, sprawled into the suburbs, and blossomed into a ‘human awful wonder of God’ on this acclaimed six-week course taught by Dr Matthew Green in a gorgeous red-brick church in Pimlico, brought to life by vivid maps, images and anecdotes. More…

With servings of red and white wine, luxury Baroque hot chocolate and 18th-century style coffee. 

Medieval Wine Tour

Saturday 19th Nov, 2:30pm
Orleans close 2

A critically acclaimed tour of medieval London with many goblets of medieval-style wine.

London in 7 Drinks Tour

Saturday 5th November, 1:30pm Book now
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New!  Explore London by foot and taxi on this 4-hour whirlwind tour tracing how seven drinks – mead, wine, ale, coffee, hot chocolate, tea and gin – forged modern London, led by historian and broadcaster Dr Matthew Green across the City and West End.

With medieval wine, 17th-century coffee, Baroque hot chocolate, Georgian stout, Victorian gin, and a good honest cup of tea included. 

The Coffeehouse Tour

Saturday 19th Nov, 11:30am
Interior of a London Coffeehouse (1668) copy

An immersive whirlwind tour of London's original coffeehouses with free shots of 17th-century coffee.

Coffeehouse Audio Tour

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An epic audio tour immersing listeners in the lost world of 17th and 18th-century London like never before with a bold and brilliant soundscape. In two vivid, suspense-filled hours it tells the extraordinary story of how London’s coffeehousesmade the modern world. It’s set in the rain-rattled alleys and hidden courts of the City but can also be enjoyed as an audiobook at home.

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Coffeehouse Book

The Lost World of the London Coffeehouse

The new publication by Dr Matthew Green, published by Idler Books

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