The Coffeehouse Tour

Saturday 13th June, 2:30pm Book now
Powder Coffee

Join actors, musicians and London historian Dr Matthew Green for an immersive whirlwind tour of London’s original — and best — coffeehouses in the City of London. As seen on the BBC.  

Free shots of black and gritty 17th-century style coffee included!

Shakespearean London

Saturday 20th Jun, 2:30pm
cut visscher

Tobacco houses, bear pits, and human lollipops on a time-travelling tour of Shakespearean London

Chocolate House Tour

chocolate pic 3

Join actors, musicians and Dr Matthew Green for a decadent and depraved tour of London’s seditious chocolate houses in the majestic boulevards of St James’s. Described by the Guardian and Londonist as “fascinating”. More…

The tour includes free servings of exotic Baroque hot chocolate, brewed from a 1699 recipe. 

Coffeehouse Audio Tour

small audio tour

An epic audio tour immersing listeners in the lost world of 17th and 18th-century London like never before with a bold and brilliant soundscape. In two vivid, suspense-filled hours it tells the extraordinary story of how London’s coffeehouses made the modern world. It’s set in the rain-rattled alleys and hidden courts of the City but can also be enjoyed as an audiobook at home.

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Coffeehouse Book

The Lost World of the London Coffeehouse

The new publication by Dr Matthew Green, published by Idler Books

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