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Buy for £5.49

You will receive an email with a download link

Discover what London sounded like 300 years ago on this epic audio tour, tracing the caffeinated birth of the modern enlightened world. Set in the most historic part of the City, it can be enjoyed on site or at home.

  • Two hours of compelling narrative and suspense-filled drama woven into a cinematic sound design faithfully recreating the lost acoustic world of 17th and 18th-century London. Produced by a team of five sound designers from the worlds of TV, pop, classical music, radio, and theatre.     
  • Featuring expert commentary from London historian Dr Matthew Green, performances by thirteen actors, rendition of broadside ballads and songs and an original score, all woven into a cinematic sound design.
  • The route guides you through the hidden courtyards, ancient alleys, and hallowed churchyards of the City, revealing some of London’s best-kept secrets along the way.
  • A continuous two-hour experience with voices from the past and present guiding you through the City, the walking tour is a transcendental experience. But it can also be enjoyed at home as an immersive documentary in its own right.
  • Although not necessary to navigate, included is a beautiful hand-drawn map of the area.


The Historian

Dr Matthew Green

Sound Designers

Toby Knowles

Ed Prosser

Patrick Burniston

Antoine Bertin

Dinah Mullen


Johnny Hansler

Annalie Wilson

Somerled MacKay

Stuart Barter

William Kherbek

Loren O’Dair

Terry Jermyn

Dan Poole

Kevin James

The Automaton

Josephine Borradaile

Songs & Music

Ed Seed

Toby Knowles

Duncan Brown

Audio Engineers

Mark Allaway

Johnny White

Audio Mastering

Dinah Mullen


Beatrice Wilford


Duncan Brown

Matthew Green

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do I have to be in London to take the tour?

The tour is set in the City, but it also works as an immersive historical documentary to be enjoyed at home.

  • How does it work?

The tour is a continuous two-hour experience, with voices from the past and present guiding you through the alleyways and courtyards of the City. There’s no need to skip between tracks; you can leave the phone in your pocket.

  • Where does it start?

By the steps of St Michael’s Church in Cornhill. When you buy the tour, we will e-mail you a beautiful hand-drawn map for you to print out or transfer to your smartphone or tablet. We will also send a link to a Google map, marking the starting point.

  • How long does it last?

About two hours.

  • Which devices will it work on?

The tour is in MP3 format, which is supported by all iPods, tablets and smartphones. You can play it on your phone, your mp3 player, directly from your computer or even burn it to a CD.

  • Can I listen to the tour on my iPhone?

Once you have downloaded the MP3, you can drag and drop it into your iTunes library for syncing to your phone.

  • Is the tour the same as the live Coffeehouse Tour?

The live tour is a shared, interactive experience with free shots of c17th coffee and a chance to question leading experts. The audio tour is a richly atmospheric, cinematic adventure with a wider range of characters, stories and music.