Book a Ghosts of Fleet Street Tour!

January 21, 2013
by matthewgreen

Ghosts of Fleet Street will next be performed on Saturday 16th March. You can book tickets here.

This immersive guided tour, which has won praise from the Guardian and Press Gazette, traces the rise and fall of the British mass media on Fleet Street. It fuses songs, stories, spectacles, and specially reproduced antique newspapers and pamphlets.

As Press Gazette put it in their recent review:

Green, who has completed a PhD at Oxford University on the birth of London’s mass media, can not only recite his well-researched script off by heart, but knows the industry’s history inside out and takes awkward questions into his stride. The Ghosts of Fleet Street tour… resurrects the old world of journalism – if only for two hours.

 Click here to read the full review and here for the Guardian’s equally glowing review.

WARNING! The tour features a baby rhinoceros, celebrity harlots, and glow-in-the-dark cats. You’ll see why.



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