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8th October 2012

I’m sure you all listen to In Our Time on Radio 4. Well, on Thursday 18th October the venerable Baron Bragg presented a fascinating program on William Caxton who, as anyone who’s been on our Fleet Street tour

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15th August 2012

The Guardian have given our new tour a rave review.

Ghosts of Fleet Street (formerly Hawkers, Harlots and Hacks) reveals the true and shocking story of how the English press sprouted from the depraved alleys of Fleet Street.

On the

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18th July 2012

The country’s leading Professor of Journalism, Roy Greenslade, has endorsed our new tour, to be unleashed on Sunday 29th July.  Hawkers, Harlots and Hacks traces the depraved history of Fleet Street’s media industry.

This is something Professor Greenslade

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11th May 2012

The great Corporation has broadcast us twice – twice! – in the last two weeks, first on the BBC London News and then on the radio. The TV appearance features some of the locations from the Coffeehouse tour and the usual incisive

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18th April 2012

“Expect 17th Century tales of sex, scandal and dolphin dissection, as well lethal duels over Latin grammar all artfully conveyed by the libertines, hacks, hawkers, gamblers and whores who frequented chocolate and coffeehouses…”     – Time Out

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28th March 2012

From dolphin dissections to lethal literary duels, the history of coffeehouses is full of splendid incidents. But they wouldn’t have happened in a Starbucks.

Dr Green, who leads the Coffeehouse Tour, has published an article in the Daily Telegraph

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16th February 2012

“Host Matthew Green is both learned and genial, and must have sank hundreds of caffeinated stimulants while researching his subject. The stories trip off his tongue… the balance between entertainment and information is perfect” – Londonist

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10th February 2012

“bypassing the mass of American coffee companies, the tour explores the history of London’s original and best coffeehouses” – TimeOut Critic’s Choice

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