Coffeehouse Tour on ITV

April 8, 2014
by matthewgreen

Dr Matthew Green recently gave a star performance on the prime time ITV show I Never Knew That About Britain.

Based on the bestselling books by Christopher Winn and co-fronted by the glamorous Tudor TV historian Susannah Lipscomb, the shows tell quirky, untold stories about Britain’s rise to global prominence and greatness. To underline their patriotism, the presenters even zoom around in union-jack painted cars.

In the fifth episode, Dr Matthew Green is parachuted in to tell Susannah all about how, from the late 17th century, coffee sobered up a drunken populace, inspired brilliant ideas, and spawned capitalistic innovations that would power the English economy and facilitate our rise as an imperial superpower. And of course for her to try the “bitter Muhammedan gruel” itself, ordeal enough for anyone (she hated it).

Anyone who’s been on the Coffeehouse Tour will recognise many of the locations featured in the show – the plaque marking Pasqua Rosée’s coffee shack, Simpson’s Chop House and the site of Jonathan’s coffeehouse, the birthplace of the London stock exchange that would go on to enrich and ruin people in equal measure over the next 300 years.

For those who haven’t been on the acclaimed Coffeehouse Tour yet, this serves as a perfect teaser. We generally run them on the third Saturday of every month and by request as private, corporate, and educational tours.

To read more about the Coffeehouse Tour and book your place, click here.

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