Corporate Skyscraper Tours!

February 13, 2015
by matthewgreen

Following a successful debut for our clients William Hill at the Hoxton Hotel in December 2014, Unreal City Audio is thrilled to announce to launch of our Corporate Skyscraper Tours. 

The premise is simple.

Your company holds a conference or team-building day in a London hotel. There is a breakfast on the top floor or roof, at which I appear and conduct an unusual tour of the London skyline packed full of anecdotes, revelations and factual gems as the sun rises.

Your team would be free to ask anything they like about the skyline as the munch their croissants and knock back the coffee.

As we found with the William Hill event, this is an exciting, relaxed and companionable way to start the day – and to whip those sluggardly early-morning braincells into action.

See the visual evidence below.

If you’re thinking this could be for you, we’d love to hear from you to discuss the possibility of making a booking. E-mail us here.








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