We will craft, score and perform your company's ideal historical tour

  • The perfect way to entertain and enlighten your staff and clients, our tours of the City and West End are highly original and led by brilliant young historians with PhD qualifications 
  • They take place on foot, bus, boat, or horse-drawn carriage and are brought to vivid life by costumed actors and musicians hidden along the route 
  • We can incorporate a Georgian-style roast in an historical setting or your event can work as a tonic before a convivial company dinner.
  • Includes servings of champagne, luxury Georgian hot chocolate, and other treats
  • Gain a privileged insight into the untold history of London, how it emerged a nexus of global trade, forge of enlightened ideas, and seat of world power.

Tailor one of our critically acclaimed tours to your needs, or commission us to produce one on a subject of your choice:

  • Ghosts of Fleet Street

    • In 1495, an eccentric Alsatian called Wynkyn de Worde set up the City’s first printing shop at the sign of a creaking sun in St Bride’s Churchyard off Fleet Street.
    • This stimulating and eye-opening tour reveals how, over the next 600 years, printing evolved from a medieval mystery into a mind-moulding instrument of mass communication, a scourge of politicians, and the Palladium of democracy.
    • Featuring interviews and discussions with retired journalists who will regale us with tales of bribery, booze, and even murder from the halcyon days of Fleet Street.
    • Includes a visit to the house where the Daily Courant, the world’s first daily newspaper, was launched in 1702, and the former headquarters of the Telegraph, Express, Sunday Times, and Daily Mail.
    • Incorporating a visit to the exquisitely preserved Georgian House where arch-hack Dr Johnson laboured away on his Herculean dictionary of the English language.
    • Warm up with a pit-stop in a private room in Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Tavern for a pie, pint, and lively discussion with inspiring hacks about the dark arts of journalism and the future of the mass media (if it has a future).
    • Take away beautifully reproduced copies of Fleet Street’s most innovative papers. And a bottle of wine and cigar from El Vino’s.

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  • Dr Johnson's Ramble

    • This entertaining, enlightening and sometimes tragic tour tells the heartwarming tale of how one gouty, pox-ridden young writer saw dream after dream crushed by an unforgiving metropolis only to bounce back, write a mammoth dictionary, and forge the English language as we know it today
    • Includes a champagne reception in Dr Johnson’s magnificent townhouse off Fleet Street and a guided tour of his parlour, drawing room, library, and study
    • Wander through a maze of ancient alleys, cobbled courtyards and mournful churchyards in Dr Johnson’s neighbourhood as planted violinists and cellists perform sonatas and minuets, unseen
    • Listen to vivid, candlelit readings from James Boswell’s Life of Dr Johnson outside the very taverns, tea shops, and houses in which they are set
    • Can include a deluxe tasting of exotic teas in the original Twining’s Tea Shop on Fleet Street, established in 1706, and a favourite resort of the good Doctor.
    • Gaze at the silver Thames from the hushed moonlit gardens of the Inner Temple and experience why, when a man tires of London, he tires of life
    • Warm up with a pie, pint, and merry discussion in one of Dr Johnson’s favourite “thrones of human felicity” – Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Tavern
    • Includes a free, antiquely produced copy of a classic Dr Johnson article or poem for every guest to take away

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  • The Coffeehouse Tour

    • This immersive whirlwind tour reveals how a disgustingly bitter black drink called coffee was responsible for the emergence of the capitalist world as we know it
    • Led by Oxford-educated Dr Matthew Green, a world expert in the history of the coffeehouse, alongside vivid dramatisations and violins
    • Features the triumvirate of 17th-century coffeehouses that made the modern world including Lloyd’s, cradle of the insurance industry; Garraway’s, the eBay of its day, and Jonathan’s, the rowdy birthplace of the stock exchange
    • You will be served gritty black Turkish coffee, roasted, grinded, and brewed in the Georgian fashion
    • Can include breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the venerable Simpson’s Chop House, frozen in time since 1757, or a hearty repast in a private room in the Counting House or Four Keys
    • The tour is performed against the backdrop of one of the most historic parts of the City, all set to beautiful and atmospheric violin music
    • Finishing with a deluxe coffee tasting session at a gourmet coffeehouse of your choice
    • We can incorporate luxury elements like champagne, chocolates, and helium balloons
    • A rare hand-woven coffeehouse pamphlet published on hammered cream paper and a bespoke coffeehouse mug for every attendee to take away

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  • Bespoke Tour

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     Tell us what you want!

    • Pooling our collective intellectual and creative talent, we will craft, score and perform an utterly unique tour on a theme of your choice. Having cut our teeth on the rigours of the Oxford doctorate, no subject is too ambitious for us, no vision too outlandish. If necessary, we will bring historical experts on board.
    • We are all about immersive historical tours. But if you like, we can inter-splice your walk with visits to historic buildings, clubs and champagne bars. Or we could build an event around a meal in an historic setting. It’s your choice.
    • Previous tours have included “Boom, Bubble and Bust: the Rise of the Stock Market” for ITV’s I Never Knew That About Britain (forthcoming) and “From the Tavern to Twitter”: a walk through 800 years of social networking for Roche Pharmaceuticals.
    • Other possible tours include: a Masters of the Universe Tour on the evolution of banking from 13th-century Lombard Street to 21st-century Canary Wharf; the Law Tour, featuring the judges, lawyers, and inspired punishments history forgot; the North-South-East-West Tour, in which passengers glide through quintessential streets in London’s four quarters on a vintage Routemaster; the Advertising Trail; and the Transport Tour, re-enacting some of London’s historic transport methods by boat, carriage, or specially-reconstructed sedan chairs.
    • Depending on budget, these tours can be as elaborate or traditional as you like. Let us shower you with champagne, chocolate, and caviar and bring the past bursting back to life with performances by actors, orchestras, and balladeers. Or be inspired by words alone.
    • If you have a vague idea for a tour, get in touch and we will rack our collective brains and present you with options by the next working day. Once you’ve agreed a concept, we will turn the raw paste into gold.
    • By definition, your bespoke tour will be unlike any other event in London: inspiring, informative, fun, and dovetailed perfectly to your company’s needs and interests.

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