Deluxe Coffee Tasting Sessions!

June 1, 2013
by matthewgreen

We’re very excited to announce that, for the foreseeable future, our critically acclaimed Coffeehouse Tour will finish with a delicious coffee tasting session at Taylor Street Baristas’ Coffee Gallery in Monument, which exists to showcase exotic coffees.

Launched by three coffee-mad Australian siblings in 2006, Taylor Street Baristas now operate eight of the finest independent coffee shops in London and one in Brighton. Disgusted by the dire state of the British brew they resolved to bring it into line with Australian standards. And that meant rich, decadent, silky-smooth, and beautifully presented coffee.

What a contrast to the gritty, porridge-like substance that was 17th-century coffee, which early samplers liked to compare to oil, ink, soot, mud, ash, and most commonly just shit. So the Coffeehouse Tour will now give you the opportunity to trace – with your own tastebuds – the evolution of coffee from a bitter black gunk to a caffeinated nectar fit for the most discerning of epicures.

For a fiver, you’ll get to taste three distinct coffees sourced from all over the world and expertly brewed by world-class baristas with an accompanying lecture. What better way to kick-start your weekend?

To book a Coffeehouse Tour, click here.

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