Dr Green and Simon Mayo

October 2, 2013
by matthewgreen

Returning from a week’s holiday in Palermo last week, one of the more interesting messages awaiting  Dr Green was an invitation to have a chat with Simon Mayo on his Drivetime programme.

In a fast-paced interview down a rather dodgy phone line, the pair discussed Britain’s transformation from a place where you’d be hard pressed to find a decent cup of joe to a nation of coffee connoisseurs awash with macchiatos, frappuccinos and Flat Whites.

Naturally, Dr Green steered the conversation towards the extraordinary coffeehouse boom of the late 17th and early 18th centuries and explained and why women  — and the King of England  — loathed the “bitter Muhammedan gruel” that inspired the ideas that made the modern world. Dr Green also revealed why, these days, he favours a nice mug of decaffeinated Nescafé over a silky-smooth, industrial-strength Flat White.

You can listen to the full five-minute interview here.

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