Dr Green on – and in – the mass media

June 29, 2012
by matthewgreen

Fleet Street is in the dock at the Leveson Enquiry.  But in the first age of press freedom , Fleet Street was ‘unprincipled, devious and corrupt’, a vicious puppy of the “feral beast” it would become in the twenty-first century.

Dr Matthew Green, who will lead Unreal City Audio’s new immersive tour of Fleet Street tracing the birth of the British mass media, has written another article in the Daily Telegraph telling the surprising story of Britain’s newspaper industry.

Read about the primordial ooze from which the newspaper industry arose, the explosion of print in 1695, the shoeblacks and fishmongers who were junkies for news, and callous practices of newspaper editors.  Lament the sad state of Fleet Street today with newspaper offices gone, press freedoms under review, and newspaper circulations in decline.

You can read the full article here.


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