Dr Matt Green in the Daily Telegraph

March 28, 2012
by admin

From dolphin dissections to lethal literary duels, the history of coffeehouses is full of splendid incidents. But they wouldn’t have happened in a Starbucks.

Dr Green, who leads the Coffeehouse Tour, has published an article in the Daily Telegraph about how the modern coffee shop inevitably fails to provide the social fizz and spirit of debate that made the coffeehouses so great.

Read about the Hoxton Square Coffeehouse, “renowned for its inquisitions of insanity”, and Lunt’s, where you could have a haircut with your coffee “and enjoy a fiery lecture on the abolition of slavery given by its barber-proprietor”. And imagine yourself musing, a dish of gritty coffee in hand, on the rain-spattered deck of London’s only floating coffeehouse…

You can read the whole article at the Telegraph website

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