The Guardian Reviews our New Chocolate Tour!

January 8, 2014
by matthewgreen

It’s not everyday that you find yourself keeping company with two (alleged) public enemies.

But that’s precisely what happened on Monday 23rd December when a glowing review of our new Chocolate House Tour appeared on the front page of the Guardian website, surrounded by thumbnails of Charles Saatchi and Sergeant Nicholas Brody (fittingly, since London’s chocolate houses were hotbeds of seditious intrigue and conspiracy). 

The Guardian dispatched their travel editor Isabel Choat to review our latest offering, which weaves through the monumental squares, vertiginous townhouses, and royal palaces of St James’s in search of a long-since vanished chocolate-drinking tradition prizing Machiavellian plotting, kamikaze gambling and gluttony.

From Sir Henry Jermyn’s glossy long black curls to the “dark and mysterious” brew that fuelled distastefully ruinous gambling in White’s chocolate house, “the most fashionable hell in London”, and Hernán Cortés’s gory stories of bloody Aztec chocolate, read and share Isabel’s witty and thorough account of the tour here.

Her verdict? A definite thumbs up:

As an insight into the racy past of one of London’s most fashionable neighbourhoods it is fascinating. I came away with a new appreciation of a part of the city I rarely visit. And all for the price of a couple of bars of posh chocolate.

The immersive Chocolate House Tour is led by Dr Matthew Green with actors and musicians hidden along the route. Shots of luxury Baroque hot chocolate are offered mid-way through courtesy of Cocoa Hernando. The next tours are running on Saturday 18th January at 2.30pm and a special Valentine’s chocolate tour on Friday 14th February at 6.30pm. Book here.

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