Guardian give new tour a rave review!

August 15, 2012
by admin

The Guardian have given our new tour a rave review.

Ghosts of Fleet Street (formerly Hawkers, Harlots and Hacks) reveals the true and shocking story of how the English press sprouted from the depraved alleys of Fleet Street.

On the course of this musical, theatrical walk you’ll meet medieval printers, fearsome Licensors of the Press, hapless hacks, doomed hawkers, celebrity harlots, Dr Johnson’s “exceedingly fine” cat Hodge, Daniel Defoe (in the stocks), and the world’s first media tycoon – who makes a pussycat of Rupert Murdoch.

As the Guardian notes,

In journalistic terms, Fleet Street is a shadow of its former self – not a single newspaper operates from that address any more. There are no hawkers or rhinos to be seen. Only the stories brought so vividly to life by Dr Green and his troupe remain.

Join us to trace the rise of the British press from a twinkle in the eye of an Alsation entrepreneur to the “feral beast” it is today.

There were rhinos aplenty in the glory days of Fleet Street – not to mention octopuses, pillories, waxworks and myriad prostitutes.

For a chance to meet some of them and to experience a tour like no other, book now.

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