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13th October 2014

Soak up the convivial fug of a specially reconstructed coffeehouse at a dangerously caffeinated event at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich as part of their dazzling Ships, Clocks and Stars exhibition.

‘The Virtue of Coffee’ takes place at 6.30pm on Thursday 23rd October. Tickets are £12 and this including admission to the exhibition on longitude itself. Book tickets here.

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8th April 2014

Dr Matthew Green recently gave a star performance on the prime time ITV show I Never Knew That About Britain.

Fronted by the glamorous Tudor TV historian Susannah Lipscomb, the shows tell quirky, untold stories about Britain’s rise to global prominence and greatness. Watch the video here.

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8th January 2014

It’s not everyday that you find yourself keeping company with two (alleged) public enemies.

But that’s precisely what happened on Monday 23rd December when a glowing review of our new Chocolate House Tour appeared on the front page of the Guardian website, wedged between thumbnails of Charles Saatchi and Sergeant Nicholas Brody (fittingly, since London’s chocolate houses were hotbeds of seditious intrigue and conspiracy).

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7th January 2014

The Coffeehouse Audio Tour will ride the airwaves in January and February on Resonance FM, who are going to serialise it in 7 x 15 episodes, beginning on Friday 10th January at 3.45pm.

The award-winning Resonance FM (which Londoners can find at 104.4 FM and everyone else, online) is London’s foremost arts broadcaster. It carries every conceivable kind of audio production from the informative to the avant-garde, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

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2nd October 2013

Returning from a week’s holiday in Palermo last week, one of the more interesting messages awaiting  Dr Green was an invitation to have a chat with Simon Mayo on his Drivetime programme.

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20th August 2013

“What News Have We?” Well, The Lost World of the London Coffeehouse, a limited edition hand-sewn pamphlet typeset in a gorgeous Renaissance font and printed on hammered cream paper, by London historian Dr Matthew Green is out now from our online shop for £12.

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28th June 2013

The City of London isn’t exactly a bucolic paradise. When we think of the square mile, the colour that springs to mind isn’t green – it’s grey. Grey roads, grey buildings, grey skies. But hidden amidst this concrete jungle, unbeknownst to many, is a cluster of magical inner-city gardens.

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1st June 2013

We’re very excited to announce that, for the foreseeable future, our critically acclaimed Coffeehouse Tour will finish with a deluxe coffee tasting session at Taylor Street Baristas’ Coffee Gallery in Monument, which exists to showcase exotic coffees.

Launched by three coffee-mad Australian siblings in 2006, Taylor Street Baristas now operate eight of the finest independent coffee shops in London and one in Brighton. Disgusted by the dire state of the British brew they resolved to bring it into line with Australian standards. And that meant rich, decadent, silky-smooth, and beautifully presented coffee.

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