Private Tours


We craft, score and perform immersive guided tours of historic London for corporations and companies the world over.

Whether to motivate, inspire, or entertain your team, our corporate tours are handcrafted and led by brilliant young historians alongside actors and musicians. Choose from our range of successful tours or commission one that dovetails perfectly with your company’s needs — on the rise of the finance, legal, or media industries, for example, or another topic of your choice.

We stage vivid and unforgettable tours of historic London for private individuals, small groups, and parties. Whether you’re organising a birthday surprise, co-ordinating a stag or hen night, or showing some friends around the city we will craft, score, and perform your ideal immersive tour. Whatever the occasion you will see the city in a new light. 

Chose from one of our critically acclaimed tours, commission something new, or choose elements from both. Depending on your tastes, we can regale you with actors, ballad-singers, chocolate and champagne on a deluxe tour or stage a more traditional but no less inspiring tour.

We stage the most invigorating and interactive tours of historic London for schools, colleges, and universities with costumed actors, musicians, and inspiring guides.

Whether for GCSE students, undergraduates or postgraduate researchers, we’re experienced in tailoring our acclaimed intellectual and creative talent for different age groups, keeping things digestible, entertaining, and memorable. According to your needs, we offer musical, theatrical tours as well as more traditional spoken tours.