Coffeehouse Audio Tour


An epic audio experience immersing listeners in the lost world of 17th and 18th-century London. In two vivid, suspense-filled hours it tells the story of how London’s coffeehouses made the modern world. It’s set in the alleys and courts of the City but also works as an audiobook at home. On buying, you will receive an MP3 audio file and a map.

Coffeehouse Book

£10 + p&p

The Lost World of the London Coffeehouse by Dr Matthew Green is a limited-edition hand-sewn pamphlet published by Idler Books. In 30 pages, it tells the story of how coffee transformed the face of London forever, brought people together, and inspired brilliant ideas that shaped the modern world. A collector’s piece and essential reading for anyone who’s attended the Coffeehouse Tour.

China Mugs

£8 + p&p

Drink coffee in style – from a high-quality china mug emblazoned with a fiery quotation from the Women’s Petition Against Coffee (1674) as featured on the Coffeehouse Tour. The perfect vessel for a damn fine cup of coffee. Order now while stocks last.


Tour Vouchers

£14 + p&p

Give your friends and loved ones an experience they’ll never forget on one of Unreal City Audio’s immersive historical tours. Redeemable on any of our upcoming tours, this beautifully designed voucher makes a hugely original birthday gift.

NB If you would like the certificate delivered directly to the recipient, or to include a personalised message on hammered cream paper, please add a ‘Note to Seller‘ when you reach PayPal.