Anna Sutton

Dr Green's Shakespearean London tour is exceptional. He is an engaging story teller whose wit and eloquence is next to none. Within minutes I was standing on London Bridge, transported to a  completely different era. The sounds and smells of 16th-century London fired my imagination and watching the Tower's polar bear fish in the Thames was a sight to behold! I cannot recommend Dr Green's tours highly enough - get in there before the word hits the street...

June 2015

Anna Miners

If you want to learn about stews, stinkards and Sackerson the bear, look no further. On this engaging tour Dr Matthew Green gives you the lowdown on Shakespearean London in gory detail. We were entertained, horrified and amused in equal measure. It was great to be learning things from such a knowledgeable expert, if only our school history lessons had been this much fun. The well-known places are brought to life with little known facts and there are less well known places off the beaten track thrown in, so I am sure that even the most well-read Londoner will go away with something new. Sometimes he is a little too good at making you feel like you have gone back in time when you are faced with the spectacle of what passed for entertainment in those days! What brilliant value for money.

June 2015

Professor Richard Tiner
Belmont University

The tour was simply amazing! It provided a depth of information that was academically appropriate, but you delivered it with a style and flair that was highly entertaining for university students—they absolutely loved it. I told the class that I especially enjoy a “field trip” that teaches ME something, and yours did! The anecdotes and “tales” brought the early history of print media to life. Nice job!

July 2014

Trevor Baker
Guardian Journalist

An unexpectedly fascinating tour, which takes you back in time through the medium of strong, invigorating black coffee. This would be fascinating stuff even if it were just a straightforward lecture, but at various points along the tour, actors jump out of the shadows and bring the story to life.

April 2014

The Londonist
Sejal Sukhadwala

giving a fascinating insight into the consumption of chocolate [in eighteenth-century London], this two-hour walking tour is a new initiative led by historian Dr Matthew Green. These chocolate houses were notoriously debauched places with smoky, candle-lit interiors, where the uber-rich socialised amid the intoxicating smells of sweat, perfume and bubbling cauldrons of chocolate.

February 2014

Kathryn Casbolt

Dr Green was an excellent tour leader with a wealth of knowledge.  We certainly learnt a lot and will be looking to attend the Coffee tour soon. Loved the actors and the musical accompaniment.  We felt the balance of the tour was perfect.

March 2014

Lynne Tapper

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Matt and his team for leading such an interesting tour today. The information I received will greatly enhance my script! Matt you are an awesome tour guide!

February 2014

The Guardian
Isabel Choat, Travel Editor

As an insight into the racy past of one of London's most fashionable neighbourhoods it is fascinating. I came away with a new appreciation of a part of the city I rarely visit. And all for the price of a couple of bars of posh chocolate.

December 2013

Fuchsia Dunlop
Cook and food-writer, author of 'Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper'

The chocolate-house tour was a fun and fascinating introduction to a part of London I thought I knew, but had never really explored. Matthew is a witty, erudite guide – and the seventeenth century hot chocolate most delicious.

David Heales
Lawyer, Clyde & Co.

I have had the pleasure of walking three of the tours led by Dr Green (The Coffeehouse Tour, Ghosts of Fleet Street and their latest, The Chocolate House Tour) with each displaying the same brand of extraordinary erudition, wit and mischief. These are not bog standard walking tours but instead a carefully crafted cornucopia of history, music, drama and drinking which (in two short hours) gives the participant a wholly different perspective on London streets they thought they knew so well.

January 2014