Nell Card
Guardian Reviewer

In journalistic terms, Fleet Street is a shadow of its former self – not a single newspaper operates from that address any more. There are no hawkers or rhinos to be seen. Only the stories brought so vividly to life by Dr Green and his troupe remain. Read the full review here    

August 2012

Kaz Forecast

I loved this walk! This was an wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening in the cold sunshine, walking in Fleet Street and exploring all the little side lanes and nooks and crannies. It was FUN! It was QUIRKY! It was INFORMATIVE! Such a refreshing change: it was unpretentious, spontaneous, sometimes hilarious. At one point I really did think that one of the team was DEAD. Be ENTERTAINED, right down to the tipple at the end, a very welcomed gesture! The tour is beautifully narrated by Dr. Matthew and his team, leaving you wanting more.....and more......his research is second to none, bringing up little 'oddities' here and there, which you may not find out from other walks. BOOK THE WALK and find out for yourself.

Dr Perry Gauci
History Tutor and Lecturer, Lincoln College.

university of oxford tiny

You are really bringing Old London to life with the latest research to boot! Well done indeed!

June 2012

Rachel Halliburton
Deputy Editor of TimeOut

EPSON MFP image Unreal City's coffee house tour proved sensational - got a real feel for the dirt and intrigue thanks to offbeat genius of Dr Matthew Green.  

February 2013

Jim Green

This tour is not just about coffee but gives a very vivid and fascinating account of 18th Century London life. Dr. Matthew Green is an expert in the period and not the boffin you might expect but a very entertaining, charismatic tour guide. There is a strong performance art element to the tour with actors, musicians and other odd balls showing up to partake. Visit the Tripadvisor page for the Coffeehouse Tour.    

August 2012

William Turvill
Press Gazette

Green, who has completed a PhD at Oxford University on the birth of London's mass media, can not only recite his well-researched script off by heart, but knows the media industry's history inside out and takes awkward questions in his stride. Accompanied by five performers, Green brings Fleet Street back to life - circus animals, floating corpses and prostitutes replace Pret-a-Mangers, coffee shops and bankers. The tour resurrects the old world of journalism - if only for two hours.

January 2013

Don Brosnan

A great Dr Johnson tour by Unreal City Audio discovering everything there is to know about the complex man behind the English language in Aldwich's wonky cobbled streets and back alleys. Entertainingly and surreally guided by a portrayal of the odd man himself along with expert Matt Green, prostitutes, musicians, debt collectors and a mischievous, if somewhat aggressive cat named Hodge!

December 2012

Daisy Leitch
co-founder 5x15

@UnrealCityAudio Thank-you for brilliant whirlwind tour of the history of coffee houses- we loved it!

August 2012

Matt Brown
Editor of the Londonist

Part historical guide, part promenade theatre, part musical performance, part coffee-tasting session, the Unreal City tour takes in the alleys of the City, encountering some unusual characters along the way. Host Matthew Green is both learned and genial. The stories trip off his tongue. The balance between entertainment and information is perfect. Stimulating stuff. Read the full Londonist review.

February 2013

Lucy Inglis
Editor, Georgian London

Great subject, great host, and something a little bit different from the usual City walking tours. Read Lucy's full blog post here.

February 2012