Jane A.

This tour was truly wonderful. Dr Matthew Green led the tour through the alleys and churchyards of the city, where the coffee houses of London used to stand( some still do) in the 17th/18th Century. My favourite moment was when Dr Green asked one of the actors to tell us what she could see through the window of one of the coffee houses; she took us back in time as she described the interior as it would have been three hundred years ago. Go.

March 2012

Matt Gray

Dr Matt Green and friends serve up a fascinating and dramatic romp through 18th century coffee culture. I urge you, in the strongest terms, to grab a spot on this tour. Green brings the subject matter to life. Not just for coffee lovers, this tour bubbles over with good things. The performers are very tall which suits the mood. Full Review.

August 2012

Louisa Winkler

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Mr Duncan Brown's tour de force. Everyone was swept away by his excellent storytelling. Thank you for this terrific experience.

22 April 2013

Rosalind Fisher

Really, really enjoyed the tour. Harry and Rory very keen to book the next one.

February 2013

Eric Whitmore
St Martha's Senior School

We had a wonderful afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed your turn of phrase and thought you came up with some wonderful metaphors. Keep up the fantastic work! Mark who accompanied me on the tour was also very impressed with the connective threads that you wove between the emergence of London's coffee houses, the growth of empire, and the information society.        

February 2013

Eric Whitmore
English Dept, St Martha's Senior School

Many, many thanks to your and your colleague for a fantastic Ghosts of Fleet Street tour. The Year Nine girls really enjoyed themselves.

December 2012

James Hobson

We had a great time on the Coffeehouse Tour despite the cold and rain. We found it informative, interesting and fun. All the participants were brilliant and made it come alive.

March 2013

Professor Steven Epley
Samford University

An excellent tour of London coffeehouse sites. Dr Green offered excellent commentary touching on issues related to the history, sociology, politics, literature, and journalism of coffeehouse culture. His commentary was extremely useful. Dr Green is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I would highly recommend his tour to anyone interested in learning more about coffeehouses.

November 2012

The Graphite Set

Thank you to @UnrealCityAudio and Dr Johnson for such a gory St Valentine's Ramble. Patron saint of beeswax and epilepsy, not merely love, that fickle game...

February 2013

Anna Loder
Apple & Sage

Thank you for that tour. It was excellent and we all thought Dr Matthew Green, Mr Duncan Brown and the rest of the team were brilliant. Our teenage children all appeared engaged which is an achievement in itself.

December 2012