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Coffeehouse Tour App

In association with PocketGuide lpphone_coffee

Now available from the App Store and Google Play, the uber-immersive Coffeehouse Tour App is the easiest way to experience the remarkable story of coffee if you can’t make it to one of our classic live tours.

To download the tour, follow these simple instructions: 

1. Download the PocketGuide application to your phone

Click here!

2. Select ‘London Coffeehouse Tour’ from the London Tours Section.

3. Purchase for £1.99.

The live coffeehouse tours have earned plaudits from the Londonist, TimeOut, the BBC and the Guardian. But now that the GPS-powered experience is available through the App Store and Google Play, we hope more people will get ready to don headphones, power up their smartphone and be launched feet-first into the gripping saga of this city’s love affair with coffee.

And even if you’ve already experienced the live tour, the technology brings new dimensions to the tour experience. Listeners are coaxed into forgotten courts and medieval alleys, regaled with vivid antique prints, images, and fascinating companion texts packed with unusual facts and anecdotes – all supporting a transportive and painstakingly-researched sound design plunging them into the past. 

App creator Pocket Guide, who provide the platform for the tour, already make GPS walking tours for many of the world’s major cities. The Coffeehouse Tour is first tour available through Pocket Guide that departs from traditional sightseeing to produce a truly immersive historical experience – all for less than the price of a coffee.