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Dr Johnson’s Christmas Ramble

A theatrical lantern-lit voyage through the literary, convivial world of Dr Johnson’s London, the city containing “all that life can afford”, beginning with an exclusive whirlwind tour of Dr Johnson’s exquisitely preserved townhouse at 17 Gough Square.

This is the heartwarming story of how one gouty, pox-marked, half-blind, Tourette’s-suffering truck of a man, whom William Hogarth mistook for a moron, came to London to fulfil his dreams, trouncing the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and emerging as a titan of the English language and the arch-conversationalist of the age.

Beginning on the porch of his exquisitely preserved Georgian house off Fleet Street and finishing with a fireside pint at his favourite tavern, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, pursue Dr Johnson through the cobbled backstreets, riverside gardens, and labyrinthine alleys Georgian London as he recites poetry under the stars, shames idle lords, emancipates African slaves, spars with his debauched biographer James Boswell, collects oysters for his wily muse Hodge the Cat, and reigns from his “throne of human felicity”, the tavern.

Bask in dramatised excerpts from his writings set to beautiful violin music, and attend to his mournful reflections upon 21st-century London.

Something different for a Thursday evening, this is an entertaining, stimulating, and unusual experience — just like the man it takes as its subject. From the critically acclaimed team behind the Coffeehouse Tour and the Chocolate House Tour.


Dr Johnson’s House and Museum, EC4A 3DE