Watch Dr Matthew Green at Wilton’s Music Hall

August 1, 2015
by matthewgreen

In June, I was honoured to climb the stage of the oldest surviving music hall in the world, Wilton’s, to take the audience on a time-travelling odyssey through 800 years of London’s history to promote my new book.

The night was organised by the excellent 5 x 15 and you can watch my performance here:

The audience, for their part, were much kinder and more receptive than the music hall audiences of yore. Not a single baked potato or bottle of wine was thrown at my head, nor was I booed or hissed, though one attendee did gasp out loud in horror in the section about the Keeper of the Heads on Old London Bridge.

The penultimate chapter of my book London: A Travel Guide Through Time is set in 1884 and features a visit to the Canterbury Music Hall in Lambeth to watch dental acrobats, burned-cork minstrels, and Felix the mind-reading duck.

You can find out more about the book here.



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